Travel Series XII: Maldives

There are certain trips that must make a mark on you. So, we researched a number of destinations before arriving at Maldives as our honeymoon destination. Maldives is made of several islands, each boosting of a different resort(s). Its exotic location guarantees that you have to pay hefty amount for any accommodation . As we …

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Wed it right – Delhi, India

As exhilarating a wedding looks, it is equally tiring! So, after traversing through the innumerable narrow lanes and rummaging through the varieties of clothes, I have prepared "what and where" for different markets of Delhi. Chandni Chowk If you have ever wondered how it is to be stuck in labyrinthine, you will need to go …

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Travel Destination XI: Binsar Valley, India

Festive season and the desire for a break make for a great combination to trigger a  holiday. We planned one such holiday as the bells were jingling. After much thought and research, we zeroed on the unexplored destination of Binsar Valley. There is a direct train route from New Delhi railway station to Kathgodham. We …

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