Relationships and Selectivity

Set your life on fire.
Seek those who fan your flames.
Rest won’t matter.

Years ago, somebody asked me about the most complex invention in the human history. I characteristically scratched my head and naively answered, ” Periodic tables”. But, even they were easy to manage after some juvenile coding. First line became ‘Helina’s crab suffered’, second line became ‘Begum ka sir bada’ (Queen got a big head) and so on.

Today, the most complex and complicated invention of human existence for me are ‘relationships’. Relationships to built, relationships to invest, relationships to maintain, relationships to withdraw and relationships to drop.

The confusion is as prevalent as the dust particles in India – in the houses we live, in the corporate we go to work, and in the daily visits to grocery stores. After years of trails and errors, I am still no expert at relationships. But, as I discover more of myself and consequently more of people around me, I get better at it.

And as I look back at my journey from periodic tables to abstract conversations, I am glad that I have somehow managed to keep those who flame my fire, close and secure.


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