Six degrees of separation theory tells us that every life can be connected to another life through a series of acquaintances that has not more than five mediators. Therefore, each life intersects other lives. This story is about connect of the life of Sia, the protagonist, with those five people who add meaning and beauty to her life. How her life connected and to whom, lets find out:

Moon faced girl

Connection 1: Cat-eyed mother

She inherited her eyes. She was special. She saw the world, she was not that special. She started noticing how birth of girl was announced as bad news. Was she announced as a bad news too? She refused to believe it. After all, she was her mother’s “moon faced”. The mother worked as she played. Her mother worked so that she can fulfill her dreams, so that sometime in future, she does not announce arrival of her daughter as bad news.

Whenever her mother’s cat eyes caught her moon face, she glowed.

Connection 2: Boss with a hushed voice

She hated filling the application form; there were too many schools to be added. But, every school had something in common. She was teacher’s pet. Somebody liked her intelligence, somebody liked her discipline, somebody liked her courage, somebody liked her sharpness, somebody liked her wits and somebody liked her innocence.


Corporate is scary and bosses are villains. Hers was a monster who used his hushed voice to torture.  He used hushed voice to tell her she was incompetent- she worked harder. He used hushed voice to refuse her holidays- she made excuses to take her leaves. He used hushed voice to make her work long hours – she took work home. He liked nothing about her-intelligence, sharpness, wits, discipline, courage and innocence. He still used hushed voice. He was scared to hurt her. He liked her.

Corporate is scary and bosses are not permanent. You change the job, you change the boss. His hushed voice cracked, her fiery eyes welled up.

She loved her birthday and how it always has some holiday on or around it. This time it was Rakshabandhan. They shared the birth date.

She changed the boss.

Stay connected to find out Sia’s other three connections….


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