Connected II

Connection 3: Different but best friends

The first thing she observed about her new acquaintance was her bright red hair. They were poles apart.She loved to be home. Red-haired partied hard.  She took offence to any touch. Red-haired danced with everybody. She did not like to talk. Red haired cannot help talking.

They were part of same group. They sat together.

Red haired , drunk and overwhelmed – “I love you”
Sia, sober and over-cautious – “I am a girl ……and straight”
Red haired – “I still love you”.

Her focus solved red-haired’s every problem. Her smarts got Sia everything she has always desired. They had every meal together. They had to talk to each other even after spending the day together. They shared every little detail about themselves, their families, their common connections.

They became best friends.

Connection 4: Wayward writer

She was sixteen. She still did not know the meaning of most words. She needed to have a good vocabulary.

Every word was different – beautiful in its own way. Only “quintessential” described the essence of a classic, only “swirling” stirred the motion so well, only “impeccable” emphasizes the severity of perfection. 

She has a rich vocabulary. She can name everything. She started giving names to all.

The writer complemented her on her vocabulary. She liked his writings. They met regularly at the library. They had something else in common – he also liked to name everybody.

He named her “lost soul”, she named him”found mortal”. Every discovery demanded a loss, every loss lead to some discovery. He offered his hand, she took it.

What was lost, has been found.

connected 2 pic

Connection 5: First kiss and the soulmate

She was pulling down her knee length dress. She was uncomfortable with the skin show. She was happy in the background. She never dated anyone. She was chained.

He was used to taking off his shirt in full public view to show-off his well-crafted body. He was hogging the limelight. He was talked about in soft tones among girls. He didn’t date anyone anymore. He was chained.

The moon was shining above her moon face. She was looking pretty in her showy black dress; he was looking handsome with his shirt on. They came closer and the chain broke.

They were in a dreamed state of “affair”. They danced, they laughed, they fought, they hated, and they loved.

She need not date anybody else – ever.


  • Connected (
  • Inspired from “Five People You Meet in Heaven”, a novel by Mitch Albom and theory of “Six degrees of separation”

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