Penguin on the land

I stared with amazement at the agility of hooping dolphins, the galloping of powerful whales and the fighter spirit of mighty swordfish. Then, there was these creatures with their black jackets and clumsy waddling.

Why they have been given such a significant spot. Come on, I have not got whole day to see you cover that small stretch of land. As I was leaving disappointed, one of them bulleted into the water. It left me wondering how much i miss as i move on with my instant judgement.


Certain religion sect only have terrorists. People who speak less are under-confident. All it takes for a complexion to be beautiful is fairness.
Every category has been put in place in my mind after imbibing our age-old myths and stereotypes. And if someone fulfills an enabling criteria, he/she is automatically put in that category.

Maybe it is a way to simplify life for me. Maybe it is a mechanism to interpret people as i have not got years to know everyone.
Still, I like to constantly challenge myself as stumble upon one of these invisible barriers obstructing me from actually judging another person.
I think of my chatty best friend who seemed intimidating at the first glance, the simple person i found hiding behind mask of a spoilt brat and the innocent girl i met in the corridors of the fashion fiesta.

Still, before i pass my judgement and the poor fellow falls into one of my categories, i make sure that i am not looking at a penguin on the land.


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