Do you toss the coin?

Toss the coin; head- fail, tail-success; decision made; fate sealed.

Coin-Toss 2

It is interesting how easily I let go of thing I should be most interested in: decisions that shape my life. I let go of them because it is easier to blame a tossing coin if it goes wrong.  I am no longer burdened with responsibility of leading my life.

Do not we all love to toss the coin in our lives? We like to blame the coin if we fall flat due to our failures. And if we cannot arrange a coin, perhaps blame our parents, teachers, friends or even something as flawless as the concept of God.

We do so because failure has been ingrained as terrible in our mindsets.  It means that we are not meeting the glorious ride of our peers in our careers, family or day-to-day lives. That glory exists or not is again debatable but we are labeled as failure as soon as we try to do something new.

We are taught since childhood that we are supposed to learn from others’ mistakes and be wise. Extremely convenient and idealistic.  What to do if same mistake has not been made earlier or if the person has been taught the same and is waiting for you to make the mistake.

Pray, make your own mistakes.


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