For the love of travelling

Travelling is one of my favorite pastimes, surely just like many other readers of this blog. It has helped me open my mind to possibilities. It taught me that our idea of right and wrong is firmly based in our attachment to a particular place\person\situation. And as we explore the world beyond our boundaries, we find out the ideas passed on by older generations are just another set of misconceptions, that the world seriously does not end with anything that might happen to you and that life is complicated, weird, diverse and still livable with different meaning for different people.

How interestingly one of the most favorite co-travelers quoted Namesake,” You know what, greatest journeys are ones that bring you home”, to sum up travelling. Only when I return from my expeditions, I get closer to my home because I realize how fortunate I am to have people whose faces lit up only with my return. I feel secure in this planet of different people with different aspirations because I feel secure within myself as it is our homes that shape our foundations before we leap into the world.


Sometimes, I see new realities and bring back new ideas to improve my home. I get dissatisfied with the fact that there are people who are living better lives with lesser resources than I have. Sometimes, I like certain things to change at home to align it to my new understanding of world, thanks to travelling.

But, at the end of the day, it is the home that makes for last stop at my every itinerary.


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