Solitude: The art of enjoying one’s own company


I have never minded being alone. Sometimes, I have even loved being alone. It was only my random research on a topic that brought me to indications that staying alone is not healthy. But, I have been doing it for years.

It was only in solitude that I found my deepest ambitions and fears. Solitude taught me to be happy with one person I am sure to spend my life with – MYSELF! It brought me the art of enjoying my own company. Being my own best friend.

And then I checked the source of the myth that being alone is unhealthy. Aha, the same strata who spend 80% of their day on phone, texting, facebooking, socializing – pretending to be happy in their virtual worlds. And if you happen to be in company of such a “healthy” person, you would know that you have not got even an iota of their attention.

Then, it is confused with loneliness. If you tend to be less busy than your friends and family, you are left to be on your own. A situation we all encounter every now and then. Then, we turn to movies, music or books for our entertainment. Quite healthy, still miles away from solitude.

Maybe, solitude is a lost art. The art of reconnecting with our own selves has been lost in connecting with our smartphones. But, still those who practice it know of a flow that can come only when there is no internal chatter. When everything is calm and peaceful just like the moonlit sky on a sea-side beach. When you enjoy your own company.



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