My first glimpse of corporate life

As I finish the third year of the “corporate” life leaving behind the naivety of college life, I discovered that even the workplace is not as plastic as it is projected to be. Behind every mask and façade of the workplace, there is still a strong human need to connect. There is a need to be looked into eyes as that is where our true emotions are reflected. There is a need to be needed, to be recognized, to be acknowledged and to be loved. There is desire to belong to the community even if it is held by competitive forces. There is need for relationships that support us on our bad days and share us on our happy days.

So, there is a strong life in the background of the workplace as the human emotions play their own role.

No wonder I found all dimensions of human relations in the workplace. I found friends, competitors, playboys, mentors, mentees, feminists, couples, initiative leaders and a manager. And I found that behind every drama, we still are humans to the core, torn between vulnerability and scare of being hurt.

Thus, I found solace in the very thing I once hated: the drama. It is the dramatics of the workplace that help us grow, help us introspect and help us realize our own strengths and weaknesses. It is the dramatics of the workplace that push us to be better form of our own selves so that we can return to our drama-less families as professionals at human relations.


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