Letter to 22-year-old me

At 26, I am being asked to take care of a 22 year old. All grown up. There is finesse in how I mange my work, my meals, my exercise, my family. Was I like her when I was 22? Having spent all my life among same people and same city, I was desperate to fly out of the nest. The last four years have been exceptional. I wish I knew many of my learnt lessons back then. So, I decided to contact her and tell her some important things I have learnt over my self-discovery years.

Everything is happening as it is supposed to happen: At 22, I was in rush. Rush to try everything, do everything, be everything. One of my best friends called me “Type A” because I had a constant sense of urgency. Please relax. Eventually, everything is going to fall in place. You cannot be everything at same time. You need to relax. Enjoy living. Enjoy the process.

Dream of not having a dream job: At 22, I landed my dream job straight out of the college. What’s more, I was the only who made it to company out of my entire batch. I was the first one to be hired in the company that represents dream destination for many others. One day, joblessness will bring happiness that has been lost in your dream company. Your resignation day will make you smile, your chains will be released on your last day and you will love your farewell day.

There is love of all types in this world: Twilight made me crazy. I was swooning over Edward Cullen like all my girlfriends. But, we all dream of running into our soulmate. There is only love when you meet the right person. No, it does not happen that ways. You will experience the most unconditional and purest form of love only from your parents. Your friends, your siblings, your roommates, even your maids can give more love and support than you can find in any single person.


Overnight success is a myth: I wanted do one legendary act and be an overnight success. Sounds filmy. But then, films gloriously ignore the glaring gaps of reality. I picked it up from films. One hero does one good fight and he is the hero. That does not happen in real life. You will have to do it again and again. You will be tested, taunted and asked to prove yourself every day. Be aware of the fights you pick and its unintended consequences (not shown by our films).

Its all about happiness: At 22, I was just figuring it out. Maybe its all about being talented and be able to do thing faster than others. Maybe its all about being beautiful and have your way. Maybe its all about having so much money that you can buy anything. How it will be to be like somebody who has everything- money, love, success. You will figure out that you are blind. Beautiful people are sickening themselves to keep that figure intact. They do not know the happiness of having food of their liking. So, eat what you like to, be with people who make you comfortable, gaze out of window. Because, its all about feeling happy.

Beware of good ones: Even at 22, I was sure of my judgment of people. I could identify good ones form bad ones, ones who support you from ones who desert you in your bad days. But, what I was not aware of was that humans have more shades of grey than even Ms. E. L. James could identify. One good person with his self interest at heart will cause havoc in your life. You will suffer disappointment, discouragement and heartbreak if one of the good guys does not do what is expected of him: be good. So, protect yourself from every good person you know because that’s a human being at the end of day: white, black or grey.

At 26, I am meeting a 30-year-old. She does not have any idea of the things I would want my 22-year-old to know. We all grow up at our own pace.

May the readers find things they need to know when they want to. After all, age is just a number!


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