Anticlimax of the find

Alchemist is one of my all time favorite books. I love the way it advocates following your heart. And that I have done all my life – followed my path.

However, I can never understand why protagonist Santiago returns to his original place after all his struggles and sufferings. Wouldn’t it have been amazing if he had known what he has been searching for lies at the very place he lives? Don’t we have to scratch, fight, love, laugh, cry to find the very thing we already possess- our own selves.  There are sleepless nights, stress, anxiety, uncertainty involved in reaching even the foretold things. What makes the journey so necessary?

The journey assumes extraordinary importance in the find. It even supersedes the importance of the find for it makes us what we are. There lies an anticlimax in reaching the destination as destination is merely a milestone for the journey undertaken.


The journey of affections, heartbreaks, hardships is journey of relationships with other people. But most importantly, it is a journey of relationship with our own self. It teaches us to love without expectations, live without undue care, give without returns and forgive without reservations.

In the book, it teaches the shepherd boy to listen to his heart, to understand its fears, to love without an expectation and to follow signals of universe. And when he reaches the end of his journey to arrive at same place he started, he is a person who has already found his treasure – himself!


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