Stress as a luxury

I never knew someday they will invent a word that can be used to describe any situation. One quick fix for every lapse of memory to retrieve an appropriate word. Yes, you can use it to describe anything, be it high workload, medical emergency, heavy traffic jam, or a servant taking a day off. The other person quickly empathizes with the situation. That golden word is “Stress”.

I define stress as one of the luxuries of modern life. A spa to alleviate stress as we work too hard. A shopping spree to get over a heartbreak as the relationships are complicated. A drinking session to recover from a week of work as we hardly get any breaks.If I have sounded sarcastic about leveraging this marvelous word, please ignore my harshness. I am also a victim of using the word to its maximum benefit.

But, there was a time when I did not have the luxury to do so. I vividly remember the time when I faced the most “stressful” time of my life. After all, it is hard to forget such things. My career was going downhill. There was a family tragedy. The love life was complicated. The mental health was in question. I could have lost my sleep, my appetite, my will to live. But, I realized that I have no option but to forget all my worries. If I do not choose to ignore my worries, they will eat up my life. I stopped thinking about any of my worries because I had to. No, the worries did not disappear. Some of them materialized, some of them did not materialize. I ate. I slept. I laughed. I survived.

Tomorrow, I will have to travel a long distance to reach my friend’s marriage venue.

Oh God! I am so stressed.images


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