Flab-free 2015

My readers would remember me describing 2014 as an opportunity to start again. So, could I bank on the whole year to give me a new beginning? If 2013 brought me peace and stability, 2014 has brought me jolliness. It is as if 2013 provided a foundation on which 2014 has been able to construct swift buildings. These buildings have been possible due to making concentrated efforts on my goals.  How often do we spend our energy on frivolous activities resulting in little leftover energy for things we love? There is immense scope for increasing our well being if we can cut down on the flab of our daily lives.  Gladly, I have been able to cut down on extra activities. But, what have been these extra things? It has not been difficult to discover. I have just been too busy doing nothing to not notice them.  List of the flab I have able to spot:

Friends that got into my friend list: Since when cutting down on friends bring happiness? Oh yes, it does. In your heart…wait a minute..you do not have to look into your heart to know them. You know these are the people who would not return even your suicidal call. You do not remember how you became their acquaintance. They got added into my facebook account, my whatsapp contacts or my twitter followers. I guess it was time to reduce the number of friends, for once.

Work that seems like work: How many times have we heard that we do not need to go to a job we hate? But, we do need to. Atleast most of us actually do. Sometimes as an excuse to pay bills, sometimes as an excuse of it being a part of corporate culture, sometimes as an excuse to avoid job hunting. I discovered that it only takes me to get out of a job I do not love anymore even if I do not hate it. I discovered that it is still a very huge and clean world, willing to reward every hardworking person.

One day” dreams: Years ago, I dreamt of being a writer one day. One of my best friends told me to start writing when I was in college. Yes, I will start writing “one day”. A teacher praised the flow of my writing. Yes, I will write more often “one day”. I have started writing whenever I get time. I write every day before going to bed. “One day” has become every day. I did not know that dreams are so reachable, even in reality.

Familiar with family: I was born to be a part of one particular family. I have been raised as a part of family. Why is it that it feels I have never known them? I am not talking about their names, qualifications, friends. I know each one of us do know that stuff (You do not know it? Panic button). I dwelled deeper to know their aspirations, the role I play in their lives, got familiar with their fears. I have wasted such precious time watching television.  


Hopefully, I am able to cut so much extra flab going forward that by the end of 2015, I am perfectly in shape.


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