Bitter learnings

I have always valued people because I truly believe there is no bigger qualification than being good at people.  Be it family life, business or relationships, there is nothing more important than to understand and accept people. All our qualifications, skills, competencies, physical attributes can fall flat if we do not know how to emotionally connect.

So, I have tried to learn from them.  I have learnt to accept their flaws just like I have learnt to accept my own. Although I do lose my temper at times, I try to understand other’s point of view before my response. I still believe in the strength of humanity, assuming that most of the people are not capable of causing me any harm intentionally.

However, to my own surprise (and I guess – it will be to readers’ surprise as well), I found that I have learnt most about both people and me from not-so-sweet episode of my life. I learnt the most when I found that people can resort to many lows to obtain a single advantage out of me. Initially, I was angry as I have felt exploited. Quite determined to cause as much damage (if not more) as being done to me, I started being bitter. I have gone through thousand of quotes on importance of being positive over the years but I wanted to ignore them for once. I have read hundreds of books in my life on how to forgive and forget but I wanted to suppress all the teachings.

As a consequence, I started being cranky, ready to argue with anyone, especially my loved ones, at the slightest provocation. What good can come out of this deranged behavior? How can such a possible deterioration in my attitude positively contribute to my lifelong people study? Incidentally, I realized that how much I am truly loved in those bitter days. No matter how much I pushed away people, they were always there to support and help me.  My angry outbursts and swearing were met with affections and accepting silence.

Soon, I got over the bitter lesson just like the sweet lessons have ended. Nevertheless, it showed me that I might have been tricked for a while, I have not failed in learning the key lessons on people in my life. I might have been bitter for a period, but my strength still lies in being loving and caring: it lies in being sweet.



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