Does love completes you?

It is the start of February…yet another month. But not like every other month. A new and different kind of calendar greeted me on the front page of my daily newspaper: February 7 is rose day, February 8 is propose day (It subtly suggests a break-up day sometime after 14 February).

It got me thinking about a concept I have always believed in: soulmate.  This is the person with whom you instantly connect. You feel that the whole universe has conspired to meet this person as you feel that your story intersects with him and his with yours.

You spend your life with that person or not is a different issue altogether for some do not have the courage to pursue our heart’s desires, some lack the favor of circumstances and some are plainly unfortunate. But, I do think that they do meet because they are meant to be met. And when they meet, you are simply sure of having met your soulmate.

Eventually soulmates meet, for they have the same hiding place.

I have always noticed the magic of instant connections. I have found friends with whom I instinctively relate. These are the people who support me just like my family. And I do believe that there is a soul-mate for each one of us.

The idea of romanticism stretches even far ahead. It suggests that a soulmate completes you like pieces complete a puzzle by combination. Nothing completes us because we are already complete. But, your soulmate is as complete as you are. In any case, relationship between people who love each other: be it family, friends or the soulmate requires meeting of people who hold themselves accountable for their happiness as other person can only enhance our happiness.

May the readers find completion this Valentine: with or without a soulmate.


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