Accepting womanhood

There were people like her on television one day. One of them looked like her, one of them was darker, another was taller than her and the last one had an exceptionally cute smile. But, it was the message that made the maximum impact. All of them are beautiful because they are women.

God created women to be beautiful because he created them with an ability to accept. They accept that they will have to behave in a certain way the moment they are born.

They will be reminded of their inferiority at every step of life yet they will have to emphasize their equality. They will be told how they are burden to their families although they will go relentlessly fulfilling family’s wishes.  They will be held responsible for bruising every person’s ego who cannot take a woman who speaks yet they will have to make themselves heard. They will be guilty for every provocation yet they will have to wear what they like. They will be tried for every crime against women yet they will have to prove themselves innocent.

girlSo, celebrate being a woman because we do not need a day to accept being ourselves, being the torchbearers of families, being the fragile yet stronger ones. In short, being a woman.


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