Nice Guys do not finish last

Bullying is an unacceptable human behavior because it takes away the best part of what a human being has to offer: zest for life. But, there is a catch. Bully bullies because internally they are scared as hell. They need to put somebody down do get themselves up.

Joker in one of my favourite movies “Dark Knight” typically represents someone intimidating. His victims are average people just like you and me who feel threatened by his presence.

Just like all my readers, I have heard about ragging every now and then. How it has been practiced in schools and colleges. How it has led to suicides in even the most prestigious institutions.  How atleast some known person of each of us must have experienced it.

In my only bruise with bullying (hopefully and thankfully), I have learnt quite a few things about it.

I might take the privilege of boosting about having a tougher mind than many others due to years spent at sports field when the world slept. Nevertheless, bullying even impacts a strong mind. Maybe not to the extent to which it will demolish self-esteem in an untrained mind, which eventually leads to suicidal tendencies. But, it still takes away the best a human has to offer.

As light is necessary to pierce darkness, similarly strength of mind is required to demolish troubles of mind.

Some successful strategies to deal with bullying:

  • Stand up to them: Bullies bully for a reason because internally they lack self esteem too. They feel powerful when they put down other people. Once, you show them that they cannot do that. You are free.
  • Seek help: There are many nice, wonderful and heroic people in this world. Reach out to them. They will help in your protection.
  • Correct yourself: Though bullying is unacceptable behaviour, it is always good to work at yourself. Build up your self esteem by setting small goals and achieving them. This will make you a stronger person with time.

I have seen many people “get ahead” by bullying some innocent souls. But, in the long term, they invariably fail as they are just frustrated bunch of people whom nobody wants to employ/befriend/marry/meet because believe it or not we all want nice people around me.



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  1. These strategies are like commandments to life. Don’t know what triggered you into writing about this topic but a very good work done Anuradha. Keep them coming


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