Friendship day message for a childhood friend

Hello Old Friend,

Incidentally, I joined a new company few months back.

New company, new people but some things remain same.  Last month, I again noticed entire crowd looking at me when I was going towards my bay. Few weeks ago, a couple of girls were giving me stealth glances.  I remained the same visible, popular one.

But, they do not know that once I was an ordinary one too. No, not even ordinary, below ordinary.

Born with a gentle soul and a shy nature, I enjoyed as much non-existence and ignorance as I today enjoy admiration and attention. It was way before I stood out that you stood by me.

My parents wanted a school nearer to our new home.  So, I got shifted to a new school. The new school was not comfortable.   You showed me a big ground, a small canteen, a group of friendly girls and everything became comfortable. We shared tiffin, notebooks, computer (imagine one computer per family).

And when time came to switch school again, we thought we will do it together.  Jokes on students, weird names for teachers and thinking about same prank at same time. But, deep down I knew that it was our core values that bind us, for example feeling low for not-so-good things in the school (and world), disdain of lack of value system and helping everyone in need.

Our friendship was blossoming. Therein came our college years.  How could we select different college? College with you was so much fun (although you made us choose a girls only college).  I have always liked to venture out. So, I made some more friends but you were the one who always looked out for me when I was in trouble, supported me when I felt unhappy and fought for me when I was weak.

My job took me away to a different city but you have always been my family, whom I supposed to visit every now and then.

As we grow older, I hope we stay as close as we have always been since our childhood.

You are my go-to-person whenever anything happens in my life as you constantly surprise me with your forward thinking.  You can understand me even without me saying anything.  Your presence brings light into my life.

Lastly, thanks for running into me on my first day in school (just to make it clear: you were the one who was going in wrong direction).




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