Travel Destination III: Lansdowne, India

What can be more refreshing than a weekend getaway with friends. And it becomes lot more exciting when that getaway coincides with new year celebrations.

We decided to explore untapped town of Lansdowne after much bickering as it is a very small town and it hardly gets any coverage as a tourist destination.

As we moved closer to the town, we could see greenery taking over the polluted surroundings.

Road to Lansdowne

Our spirits rose at the thought that atleast we will get to see some greenery and mountains.

As we reached our resort named Kasang Regency Hill Resort, there was slight sunshine cozying us up in severe winter of December.

Our hotel room was well furnished with a balcony overlooking the beautiful mountains. After a quick meal, we went to explore the small town.

Firstly, we went to Bhulla Tal Lake which is a naturally built small lake with white ducklings. It also had very cute rabbits in an enclosure.

I enjoyed connecting with nature at this spot, with chirpy animals, soothing lake and refreshing greenery.

Then, we moved to Tip n Top View Point which has been the most serene place with mountains all around,  valley in front and no population. It was an extraordinary experience to sit quietly with my dear friends and imbibe the gratifying silence.

Strolling through the quiet, beautiful pathways of the town, we next reached Army War Memorial Museum, which is a museum of The Garhwal Rifles, an infantry regiment of the Indian Army.

Thereafter, we visited churches of St.John, St.Mary  and St. James. St. John and St. Mary churches are robustly made, lit with gentle yellow lamps. The bible glistened gracefully next to holy statues.  St. James church looked not-so-well maintained though it was specially decorated for Christmas’ eve.

It was already evening by the time we reached our hotel. A bit of party and a late night Christmas celebration fulfilled our festive quota at the year-end.

In the morning, we left the hotel to proceed back. We visited the local marketplace to explore local offerings. It had a good variety of leather products (wallets, handbags) and some authentic winter clothing supplied by the local craftsmen.

Moving back to the city, I pondered how peaceful will it be to live in a place with surreal existence, beautiful surroundings and lonely pathways.

“Check it off” shortcuts:

  • Bhulla Tal Lake
  • Tip n Top View Point
  • St.John, St.Mary  and St. Jame churches
  • Army War Memorial Museum

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