Travel Destination V: Hong Kong and Macau

Hong Kong is one of the most established financial hubs in the world.  But, it is as appealing as a holiday destination especially if you want to experience a medley of historic, spiritual and fun vacation.

After a 5 hour late night flight from New Delhi, we arrived Hong Kong airport early next morning.

We boarded the free bus service at the airport that covers all the hotels on its route.  The roads were jammed with elitist cars like Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari.  And there were no honking horns despite so much traffic.

By the time we reached our hotel “The Excelsior”, I doubted whether any known hotel chain has forgotten to have a property in the city.

It has already breakfast time by the time we arrived at the hotel. So, we grabbed a quick sandwich and proceeded to explore the city.

Day 1: The Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery

Opting for a day tour available at hotel helpdesk, we were picked by a bus to tour the iconic places of the city.  It also gave us an opportunity to interact with people of all nationalities.

Firstly, we went for cable car ride at Ngong Ping 360 which provides a view of entire Hong Kong.  The end of cable ride took us to the giant Buddha. Perhaps, they could not find any other grand word to define its size because it is visible even from other end of the Lantau Island.

Thereafter, we went to explore Tai O fishing village which provides view into all kinds of dishes of fish. Unfortunately, I like fish more when they are alive!

Then, we went to Po Lin Monastery which is a Chinese temple. We also had lunch of momo and sushi at the monastery.

Po Lin Monastery

We moved to our bus finishing last, we assured them it is not an Indian practice!

Day 2: Hong Kong Disneyland

Undoubtedly, the highlight of the trip to Hong Kong is visit to Disneyland, so we left early to enjoy whole day.  As we waited for the metro that would take us to the Disneyland, I got goosebumps on seeing the Mickey shaped windows of the special metro.

We just had to wait for few minutes before gates opened to welcome first entrants to the park. We spotted statues of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy in a pond at the beginning. As we proceeded towards the interior, there was a huge Mickey Mouse in the attire of magician and a beautiful castle in the background.

Disneyland is divided into different zones based on different themes of our favorite Disney characters.  We began with Tarzan’s Tree house which has Tarzan story depicted in a visually appealing treehouse.  Jungle River Cruise was a boat ride among various characters of Tarzan’s story.

Then, we moved towards stunning castle of sleeping beauty. There were spectacular 3D shows in this particular division. Also, we could spot friends of Mickey while moving around. It is a good experience to get oneself clicked with Pooh or Goofy.


Lastly, we moved to tomorrowland which has great rides based on buzz lightyear. It was exhilarating to see Buzz light year and his friends after many years.

Day 3: Macau

Next day, we decided to explore Macau. It takes only one hour to reach Macau from Hong Kong by ferry. One can easily get visa on arrival.

Macau has an interesting mix of tourist destinations. There are a number of casinos to be looked at. I actually opted to only look after losing a small chunk of money. Jackie Chan casino is grand with biscuits of gold forming the floor. Then, there are several other casinos located nearby.

We also went to St. Ruins, which is a heritage site recognized by UNESCO. And we went to the top of Macau tower, which also has bungee jumping for bravehearts.

 Day 4: Hong Kong tourist sites and Shopping

Last day in the city, we turned to cover lesser known tourist sites of Hong Kong.

Firstly, we went to Golden Bauhinia Square that has historic importance with a flag-raising ceremony. Close to square was Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, which hosts various fairs. We could witness a very interesting fair which had stalls depicting history of China and snippets of Chinese tradition.

Hilarious Street Painting

Thereafter, we moved to buy cheap electronics and souvenirs from the city. Stanley street has a great electronics shopping center. We also strolled to neighboring street market which has stalls of Chinese dry fruits and toffees, souvenirs, gift items, and clothes.

By the end of holiday, I could not point out the most interesting aspect of Hong Kong: spiritual experience of monasteries, adventures of disneyland or freshness of Macau. 

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