Fantastic Beasts: Grindelwald, Dumbledore and Obscurial

Last weekend, I saw Fantastic Beasts and where to find to find them. It connects dots to many of mysteries of Harry Potter series. Finally, we have an answer to the Ariana Dumbledore. In all likeliness, she turned into obscurial just as Credence of  Fantastic Beasts. That explains her killing of her mother by mistake in one of her fits.

When my sister was six years old, she was attacked, by three Muggle boys. They’d seen her doing magic, spying through the back garden hedge: She was a kid, she couldn’t control it, no witch or wizard can at that age. What they saw, scared them, I expect. They forced their way through the hedge, and when she couldn’t show them the trick, they got a bit carried away trying to stop the little freak doing it.

But, it also led to a number of fresh questions.  We have known Grindelwald to be Albus Dumbledore’s childhood confidante.We also know how he sparked the idea of “greater good” wherein wizards would rule muggles for latter’s betterment.

Image result for deathly hallows

In fact, he was also associated with “Dealthly Hallows”, as Viktor Krum points out that his school Durmstrang bears the mark rumoured to be carved by Grindelwald himself. He also owned elder wand for sometime before being defeated by Albus Dumbledore.

The emergence of Grindelwald from the shadows of Voldemort (who likes to be second best!) will evolve into an interesting story.  He would provide as a much more realistic villain with his relationship history with Albus Dumbledore, his convincing ideology and humanness.

Although, what would his statement at the end of Fantastic Beasts mean ? (for starters!!) Will We Die, Just A Little?

And JK Rowiling has a gift of inserting interesting  side stories to the main plot. No wonder, mention of “Leta Lestrange” intrigued us to think how she would be related to one of the most hated witches – Bellatrix Lestrange.

Also, how Newt Scamander would be reduced to yet another prominent additional character, alongwith his casually-mentioned brother in the movie – Theseus.

As the series of Fantastic Beasts would stretch to five movies (much to the delight of HP fans), it remains how much will be revealed and how much is left to be imagination of readers for coming years.


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