Travel Destination VI: Renuka Ji, India

If you think having a bad boss is the worst thing that can happen to you, you should try having a bad client. Anyway, travelling is the best solution to any such situation.  So, I ventured out on  weekend with my bunch of friends to  relieve myself of the stress.

We took a cab from New Delhi on early morning on Saturday.  It took us about 5 hours to reach the place. There is a waterfall on the way to Renuka Ji, along with a temple build in between it, providing a unique view.

Then, we walked through the small town to our guest house of the forest department of the government. There are many guest houses of government departments in the area available at nominal prices, so it will help if you have somebody known.

After resting for few hours, we decided to explore the tiny town of Renuka Ji.

First of all, we proceeded to Mata Renuka Temple, which is an old temple of Renuka Ji and Lord Parshurama, who wished to spend all eternity at his mother’s feet.

There are small ponds in the area with wide variety of fishes. It is wonderful to stop and look at nature, so serene!

There are also a number of small restaurants in the vicinity, serving delicious food.

We then stopped at Renuka Ji lake, which is a very beautiful. There is option of visiting zoo also, which is not very far away from the lake. A night stroll in the peaceful uneven terrain completed our day.

Next day, we proceeded to do trekking nearby. There is a peak called Tape ka Tiba, which provides great view and is not very steep. We spent the day gazing into clear sky, soothing greenery and breathtaking sceneries.

In the afternoon, we left for New Delhi, reaching home by the time Monday blues could start setting in, again!


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