Traversing through love

Bright lights were flashing; I was caught between red and green flashes. In my mind, I was sitting with legs squeezed against my stomach as if doing yoga that should ease my breathlessness but only adding to my anxiety. My strangled breath started drumming into my ears so that I could no longer hear anything else.

Music was so loud that it was reverberating against my eardrums. I could still see people dancing to the haphazard tunes. Memories flashed as realistically as this huddled group of dancers. The brownish eyes looking from the adjacent bay, casual water-cooler conversations, notes demanded for irrelevant projects, enjoying unappealing office outings.

The ceremony was about to end. I drifted dreamlike to dais to give my gift to bride and bridegroom. I quickly thrust the gift into lap of unsuspecting bride without meeting the eyes of bridegroom. I was still wary of brown eyes.

After all, it has happened second time. Second time, really? I ran into light brown eyes as I characteristically looked over my shoulder at a seemingly known acquaintance. Then, we both set out together to find our class. I always had the gift of finding my friends on first day of my classes. This one added to the list too. But, this friendship brought so much light into my life that I got convinced that I never want to live in darkness again. Sometimes, even source of light find it hard to share its sunshine.

As I started the engine of my car to move back to my place, I thought of next day.  I wished I could wrap up meeting the boy in one hour so that I can spend the weekend at leisure. It did not seem likely since he was running late by two hours.

I cursed my fate as I surveyed the latest books on sale on the pavement, occasionally making notes of prices to be compared with online value. As my phone rang, I entered the coffee shop spotting the informed striped T-shirt and rugged jeans.

I shook the outstretched hand, looking up to encounter deep brown eyes.


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