Power of words

“Communication” is the buzz word these days. Perhaps, it has always been. Imagine, going to a workplace and not being able to sound pleasant. Or coming home and not able to praise your partner.

But, still how many of us are failing at the ability to say right thing at right time.  No wonder, we witness conflicts, misunderstandings, hurts almost every single day.

If it is so important why we are not able to use right words. Because, we are constrained by our own thought processes.

We have developed our idea of wrong and right, what should be idealistic behavior of women and what kind of people are bad.


Labeling is rampant – gay, weak, quiet, characterless- all defining our own set of notions.

But, thing to consider is that would we be still beautiful if those words appeared on skins. Then, we will pay more attention to what we speak as none of us want to look bad atleast!


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