Accepting womanhood

There were people like her on television one day. One of them looked like her, one of them was darker, another was taller than her and the last one had an exceptionally cute smile. But, it was the message that made the maximum impact. All of them are beautiful because they are women.

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Flab-free 2015

My readers would remember me describing 2014 as an opportunity to start again. So, could I bank on the whole year to give me a new beginning? If 2013 brought me peace and stability, 2014 has brought me jolliness. It is as if 2013 provided a foundation on which 2014 has been able to construct swift buildings. These buildings have been possible due to making concentrated efforts on my goals.  How often do we spend our energy on frivolous activities resulting in little leftover energy for things we love? There is immense scope for increasing our well being if we can cut down on the flab of our daily lives.  Gladly, I have been able to cut down on extra activities. But, what have been these extra things? It has not been difficult to discover. I have just been too busy doing nothing to not notice them.  List of the flab I have able to spot:

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Anticlimax of the find

Alchemist is one of my all time favorite books. I love the way it advocates following your heart. And that I have done all my life – followed my path.

However, I can never understand why protagonist Santiago returns to his original place after all his struggles and sufferings. Wouldn’t it have been amazing if he had known what he has been searching for lies at the very place he lives? Don’t we have to scratch, fight, love, laugh, cry to find the very thing we already possess- our own selves.  There are sleepless nights, stress, anxiety, uncertainty involved in reaching even the foretold things. What makes the journey so necessary?

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Letter to 22-year-old me

At 26, I am being asked to take care of a 22 year old. All grown up. There is finesse in how I mange my work, my meals, my exercise, my family. Was I like her when I was 22? Having spent all my life among same people and same city, I was desperate to fly out of the nest. The last four years have been exceptional. I wish I knew many of my learnt lessons back then. So, I decided to contact her and tell her some important things I have learnt over my self-discovery years.

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Solitude: The art of enjoying one’s own company


I have never minded being alone. Sometimes, I have even loved being alone. It was only my random research on a topic that brought me to indications that staying alone is not healthy. But, I have been doing it for years.

It was only in solitude that I found my deepest ambitions and fears. Solitude taught me to be happy with one person I am sure to spend my life with – MYSELF! It brought me the art of enjoying my own company. Being my own best friend.

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