Magic of stories

Childhood stories are supposed to be magical.

My first childhood story was magical too. A boy who can fly and never grows up, takes
children of non-magical/normal world to his land of imagination.

One imagination replaced another. One story replaced another.One magic replaced another.magic-004

Little later in my life, Nancy Drew solved teenage mysteries while Harry Potter created a second world. Charlie and Chocolate Factory offered a glimpse into making of world’s most precious commodity.  Malgudi Days gave important life lessons playfully.

In teenage, Jane Austen built a young lady’s character through Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and Emma. Wuthering Heights threaten about consequences of romance advocated by modern-day television series.  Kite Runner ingrained importance of a guilt free life.

Adulthood was felt by depth of Memoirs of Geisha, complicated by Salman Rushdie’s musings and stabilised by wisdom of Mitch Albom.

I have started weaving magic too because stories indeed are magical.




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