Life Skills

It is no secret that we lay emphasis on education, we lay a lot of emphasis on it. But, somehow we skip the set of skills that are needed to live the life - to the fullest. So, here I am trying to discover what matters the most. Hope my readers enjoy this journey as... Continue Reading →


Books that talk about life

Books have always been my constant companion. It is through books that I learnt life’s greatest lessons. However, there are some books that stood out in terms of their impact. In this post, I bring forward the five books that gave me sensible life lessons (minus the pain of going through the trouble of experiencing... Continue Reading →

Do you toss the coin?

Toss the coin; head- fail, tail-success; decision made; fate sealed. It is interesting how easily I let go of thing I should be most interested in: decisions that shape my life. I let go of them because it is easier to blame a tossing coin if it goes wrong.  I am no longer burdened with... Continue Reading →

Power of Existence

Human life can be both scintillating and devastating but what has always enthralled me is its power of resilience. Its quality of rising from ashes like a phoenix or taking that leap of faith that transcends every impossibility. Resilience, thus, is the most beautiful gift of human life because it is the belief in that... Continue Reading →

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