Travel Destination VII: Mumbai, India

It is not fashionable to go to prominent cities for a vacation in your own country. But, it so happened as I wanted to meet my friend and had some free time. I found Mumbai to be both lively and beautiful, maybe because I did not have to travel by local trains during peak hours. The …

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Traversing through love

Bright lights were flashing; I was caught between red and green flashes. In my mind, I was sitting with legs squeezed against my stomach as if doing yoga that should ease my breathlessness but only adding to my anxiety. My strangled breath started drumming into my ears so that I could no longer hear anything …

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Friendship day message for a childhood friend

Hello Old Friend, Incidentally, I joined a new company few months back. New company, new people but some things remain same.  Last month, I again noticed entire crowd looking at me when I was going towards my bay. Few weeks ago, a couple of girls were giving me stealth glances.  I remained the same visible, …

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