Life Skills

It is no secret that we lay emphasis on education, we lay a lot of emphasis on it. But, somehow we skip the set of skills that are needed to live the life – to the fullest.

So, here I am trying to discover what matters the most. Hope my readers enjoy this journey as much as I do.


Books that talk about life

Books have always been my constant companion. It is through books that I learnt life’s greatest lessons.

However, there are some books that stood out in terms of their impact. In this post, I bring forward the five books that gave me sensible life lessons (minus the pain of going through the trouble of experiencing it myself).

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Short story 3: Anam’s love musings

The classroom was unusually livid. A group of guys were chattering excitedly sitting on the second row of desks arranged in a circular fashion. The girls were hoarded in the right-hand portion of the class looking engaged in serious conversation. Ishita and Ashish stood aloof as usual, with Ishita leaning on the blackboard. Her brownish hair appeared golden due to sunshine streaming through the windows next to her. “But, it is a very lively class in general. I must get ready for my presentation.” I thought to myself. There was to be a presentation on Mergers & Acquisitions. I was feeling quite nervous and irritated as it has been delayed several times and now I was the only one left who has not presented her findings of the case study given to the class. As soon as professor entered, chattering minimized to excited whispers.

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Bitter learnings

I have always valued people because I truly believe there is no bigger qualification than being good at people.  Be it family life, business or relationships, there is nothing more important than to understand and accept people. All our qualifications, skills, competencies, physical attributes can fall flat if we do not know how to emotionally connect.

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Relationships and Selectivity

Set your life on fire.
Seek those who fan your flames.
Rest won’t matter.

Years ago, somebody asked me about the most complex invention in the human history. I characteristically scratched my head and naively answered, ” Periodic tables”. But, even they were easy to manage after some juvenile coding. First line became ‘Helina’s crab suffered’, second line became ‘Begum ka sir bada’ (Queen got a big head) and so on.

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