Short story 5: A little more faith

So, you do not speak much? Her strict teacher asked in a plain tone. She nodded her head, realized she has still not spoken, then quickly said “Yes”.

The teacher gave a taunting smile before handing out the checked test paper muttering “If this is the best you could do.”

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It’s just ME

Folks, I had a busy week with festivals lined up, series of phone interviews and a family event. I was sitting on the bed, exhausted. I curled up with book with teddy by my side. Then, there was usual tingling feeling inside me. The feeling I get only when I am close to someone I am close to. But there was no special friend around, nobody I fell in love with, no person I have special connection with, not even my parents. I was feeling relaxed as time ticked away. So, how was it that I felt rejuvenated? Oh, it was just ME.

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