Travel Destination VI: Renuka Ji, India

If you think having a bad boss is the worst thing that can happen to you, you should try having a bad client. Anyway, travelling is the best solution to any such situation.  So, I ventured out on  weekend with my bunch of friends to  relieve myself of the stress.

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Pages turned in 2016

Page 1: Events

Demonetization and 2000 notes in India

Who would have known that I would see this day when I will dream about getting cash. The environment is dramatic with long queues outside ATMs, black money hoarders getting heart attacks, vegetable sellers relying on electronic wallets.  While the move been as much as criticized as it has been appreciated, it is different feeling to hold a pink paper bearing 2000 in your hands.


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Flab-free 2015

My readers would remember me describing 2014 as an opportunity to start again. So, could I bank on the whole year to give me a new beginning? If 2013 brought me peace and stability, 2014 has brought me jolliness. It is as if 2013 provided a foundation on which 2014 has been able to construct swift buildings. These buildings have been possible due to making concentrated efforts on my goals.  How often do we spend our energy on frivolous activities resulting in little leftover energy for things we love? There is immense scope for increasing our well being if we can cut down on the flab of our daily lives.  Gladly, I have been able to cut down on extra activities. But, what have been these extra things? It has not been difficult to discover. I have just been too busy doing nothing to not notice them.  List of the flab I have able to spot:

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