Short story 5: A little more faith

So, you do not speak much? Her strict teacher asked in a plain tone. She nodded her head, realized she has still not spoken, then quickly said "Yes". The teacher gave a taunting smile before handing out the checked test paper muttering "If this is the best you could do." She was not sure whether... Continue Reading →


Life Skills

It is no secret that we lay emphasis on education, we lay a lot of emphasis on it. But, somehow we skip the set of skills that are needed to live the life - to the fullest. So, here I am trying to discover what matters the most. Hope my readers enjoy this journey as... Continue Reading →

Books that talk about life

Books have always been my constant companion. It is through books that I learnt life’s greatest lessons. However, there are some books that stood out in terms of their impact. In this post, I bring forward the five books that gave me sensible life lessons (minus the pain of going through the trouble of experiencing... Continue Reading →

Short story 4: Quiet Kiara

Rishaan picked up his favorite purple shirt from his messed up cupboard, having a pile of clothes in the middle. He has received many compliments on wearing this shirt since his college. “Everybody thought I looked handsome, atleast most of the girls did. Hope Kiara likes it too.” He thought cheerfully to himself. Kiara used... Continue Reading →

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