Power of words

"Communication" is the buzz word these days. Perhaps, it has always been. Imagine, going to a workplace and not being able to sound pleasant. Or coming home and not able to praise your partner. But, still how many of us are failing at the ability to say right thing at right time.  No wonder, we …

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Life Skills

It is no secret that we lay emphasis on education, we lay a lot of emphasis on it. But, somehow we skip the set of skills that are needed to live the life - to the fullest. So, here I am trying to discover what matters the most. Hope my readers enjoy this journey as …

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2014: Another opportunity to start all over again

Life is funny. Every now and then, I run into people, things or circumstances that make for my self improvement agenda. Although I am not a die-hard fan of new year resolutions, I find new year to be an effective time cut-off for starting something new. Will year 2014 be any different? I am going …

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