Travel Destination X: Neemrana, India

Weekend getaways could provide for an excellent opportunity to catch up with friends.  On one such Friday, we decided to explore nearby destination of Neemrana. It takes only 2 hours to reach Neemrana from Delhi, making it a convenient option for haters of long journeys.

We stayed in Neemrana Fort Palace, touted as one of the best heritage hotels in North India. After reaching at check in time of 2 PM, we straightway headed to our room of Heritage Old World. The room fails to meet our expectations as it is not well furnished and does not provide any feel of heritage.


We rested for a while before heading out to Hawa Mahal for tea. The snacks were also disappointing served with only biscuits.


Then, we wandered to see the fort. Fort is nicely built to roam around. There are a number of activities in the fort like camel ride, vintage car ride and ziplining (chargeable).

Thereafter, we went to attend cultural show from 7-8 PM, followed by dinner. There is option to have fast food or buffet. The fort looks beautiful when lit up with white bulbs. After dinner, we went to view the starry sky from the balcony of fort.

After a sound sleep, we went to have breakfast buffet. It was adequate with all the usual varieties.

As we bid adieu to the fort, we cherished friendship despite the disappointing stay at the royal fort. 


Travel Destination IX: Udaipur and Jodhpur, India

What is more appropriate time to travel then – when the bells are jingling and when there is aroma of fresh beginnings in air. So, we set to explore two beautiful cities of Rajasthan, India.

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Travel Destination VII: Mumbai, India

It is not fashionable to go to prominent cities for a vacation in your own country. But, it so happened as I wanted to meet my friend and had some free time.

I found Mumbai to be both lively and beautiful, maybe because I did not have to travel by local trains during peak hours. The city is far ahead of metros and other Tier I cities in terms of infrastructure and culture.

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