Short story 5: A little more faith

So, you do not speak much? Her strict teacher asked in a plain tone. She nodded her head, realized she has still not spoken, then quickly said "Yes". The teacher gave a taunting smile before handing out the checked test paper muttering "If this is the best you could do." She was not sure whether... Continue Reading →


Books with an upside down view

Whenever I think of perspective, there is no better way to enhance it than by books. Books have shaped the way I think, I behave, I action and therefore the way I live. But, there are certain books which provides unconventional views, widening our line of thought. They stand out as showing a very different angle... Continue Reading →

Blessed with a burden

Writing has always appealed to be a career option. When I was young, I almost got bowled over the idea that writers just write and get paid for it. I mean, they just write! Along the way, I met many people who dreamt of being a writer. Who wouldn’t? I mean, they just write! Thankfully,... Continue Reading →

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